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Relief for Aching People Leaders


For people leaders who are becoming worn down while caring for the health and wealth of others, Body Economics offers a coaching program and somatic strategies for feeling better including: managing pain, improving posture, feeling calmer and performing well.


Most of us have energy, confidence, and hope that we don’t fully experience. Our work will give you access to new resources that will help sustain your work as leader and your bond as a community.


Like taking a vacation, we provide rejuvenation and new perspectives. Unlike talk therapy, we would rather listen to our bodies to find ways to resolve our stress. Our simple tactics for better living work even if you are leading so many virtual meetings that you haven’t left your house in a week.


We have worked with people leaders from Mexico, Australia, Europe, Canada and the USA:


Armani Group, FLOS, Art Center College of Design, Unicef, Lululemon, TEDx, University of Sydney Business School, CENTRO, MoMA, Joyful Planet, The Hired Guns, Occidental College, Chronicle Books, Union Avenue Elementary, LA LGBT Center, Paskho and many others.

Somatic Coaching for People Leaders


Our coaching approach blends simple mindfulness practices with embodied movement skills, and somatic play. We will help you lead effectively in the midst of pain and unpredictability.


Access tools and body skills to help you feel better.


Good for:


  • Navigating change and uncertainty

  • Finding support, energy and vitality

  • Managing stress, fear and anxiety

  • Improving communication and confidence

  • Increasing focus and clarity

  • Changing paradigms, habits and assumptions

  • Enhancing posture and muscular tone

  • Moving and breathing better

  • Making self-care a priority 


All sessions are:


  • Live Online

  • Focused and effective 

  • Customized for your needs

  • Designed to learn useful skills

  • Evidenced-based

  • Endorsed by people leaders 


What you’ll need:


  • A quiet and comfortable room to call in from  

  • Computer with built-in camera, a microphone or headset 

  • A firm chair

  • A yoga mat 

  • Comfortable clothes

  • Bring your pet if you wish

q2 workshop-292.jpg

“I feel empowered to discover new ways of seeing things, where body awareness is key to personal growth and success.”


Jan Vingerhoet, CEO Flos USA, New York

Individual Sessions


If you are exhausting yourself caring for the health and wealth of others at some point you will no longer be able to serve them.


Learn to lead from a sustainable source of energy, learn how to get to the core of things and practice self-care strategies to express inner resources, minimize mind/body tensions and build resilience.


Together we can explore the following skills:


  • How to calm the nervous system 

  • How to build rituals that increase your mindfulness at work

  • How to manage heavy demands and pressure

  • How to enjoy sitting all day 

  • How to show confidence via video 

  • How to sustain your energy and sleep better

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"Since beginning my sessions have felt like a more open human being. I am standing taller and experiencing a greater ease of movement - whether I be walking down the street or sitting at my office computer.”


Aron Westman, Graphic Designer, Rag & Bone, New York

Small Groups
Small Groups


You cannot walk alongside your peers with an aching back.


Your peers will bring their pain to the office whether you are ready for it or not. They will often waste their energy trying to hide it, ignore it or suppress it. As a leader, you can provide resources to your community that collectively builds mutual support, resilience and builds trust. After all, we are in this together. 


Together we might explore the following coping skills:


  • How to calm the collective anxiety  

  • How to build group rituals for resilience

  • How to support each other

  • How to enjoy being together in a virtual rooms

  • How to create morale online

  • How to benefit from workday breaks

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"Through one-on-one work with you, I have come to better understand the important mechanism that thinking of the body has on the real physical manifestation of the body.”


Brandon Lehr, PhD, Economics Professor, Occidental College, Los Angeles 

People Leaders Study Group

A monthly gathering of people leaders interested in exploring ways to lead from the body and heal collectively. 

Through books, articles and somatic play we are re-thinking our professions and are hoping to help bring focus and resilience at work, while learning skills that are useful for a lifetime.

Everyone is welcome because we draw from each other’s differences; however, we have limited spots available due to a highly engaging format. 

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"I was the Queen of body breakage until Marco introduced me to this work. It became a joke as to what I would break next. His guidance and support made me redesign both my posture and balance which gave me the gift to move confidently. 


Bonnie Mackay, Author and Marketing Executive

Our Focus

Too many people are living with unnecessary pain. Within each person there is the potential for health, improved performance and better relationships. We are here to coach leaders and help guide them to feeling better during a time of unprecedented personal and professional upheaval.


We work with people leaders using a toolkit of somatic strategies based on the insights of Embodied Anatomy, Alexander Technique, Ohashi Method®, Meditation, Somatic Experiencing® and a career as an executive for global brands.


We take the name Body Economics to remind us of the fundamental link between the individual, the collective, prosperity and the wise use of resources. 

“Marco gets bodies and all of their painful and exuberant complexity. He has deep insight in how bodies move, how they are linked to the mind, and how they express our souls.” 


Erik Fabian, Upright Brand, Founder, New York



Economy: By applying the principles of economics to our bodies we can gain access to new internal resources, become more resilient and, in some cases, restore what has been lost in time. To achieve our best, we all must successfully manage our resources and the competing demands in our body and lives.

Co-creation: We co-create our moments together as a whole psycho-physical-spiritual beings. We meet to deeply care, connect, support, and grow in the workplace and in life.

Nature: The physical world and everything in it is a source of inspiration and healing. Plants, animals, mountains, oceans, stars, and the elements define and nourish us. When we allow ourselves to feel nature in our body, we build stability and self-agency.

Contact: Being together is essential to promote health and well-being and can be an important source of support. Making contact with another person whether through physical touch, active listening, or simply sharing time together is a powerful language that helps cultivate agility between sensing, thinking, moving and engaging with others.

Openness: Preserving an open attitude to enjoyment is essential to a good life. It is the basis of self-care and a source for restoring our vitality and resilience. 


“I coach my clients with positive attitude and warmth. I am committed to providing an entry point for living well and doing well for a healthier, happier and more connected world.” 


Marco Beghin, Body Economics, Founder, New York

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“The holistic approach Marco took with me has made a sustainable difference in a way that nothing else has.”


Zach Valenti, Media Producer, Beastly Production

Your Personalized Plan

The simple act of self-care doesn’t come easily to most people, unless we invest and plan on it.


Perhaps you are commuting less and you want to reclaim weekly time for transitioning to and from work to improve your well-being. Imagine setting a time where you learn to engage with bodily and physical skills, one at a time.

Like in individual sessions, the nature of our work is preventative and participatory:

  • How to reduce stress in the body

  • How to organize a body to feel grounded in uncertainty

  • How to lighten pressure and create boundaries

  • How to become curious again 

  • How to make self-care a habit 

  • How to balance breathing for more energy

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